Why are we Here?

Performance Driving Series SubmenuAbove all, the spirit of friendship prevails throughout the club. Every event brings opportunities to meet new people and listen to tall tales of races past. A history of mentor ship is a key factor in the quality of drivers that develop year after year. Over our 51 year history, a wealth of renowned drivers such as: Allan Johnson, George Follmer, Davy Jones, Otis Chandler, Cort Wagner, Craig Stanton, Patrick Long, to name a very few, have influenced the POC experience.

Many generations of family members have enjoyed our events. Spouses, significant others, kids and friends are welcome and they can even participate in non-driving, volunteer track tasks if they so desire. Many couples share the passion and some have been known to compete with one another! Whether you choose to stay at the Short Track, race the clock with the Time Attack series or go wheel-to-wheel racing, if you’re a Porsche enthusiast, there’s a place for you here.

Every January, we have our annual Awards Banquet, complete with terrific trophies and an opportunity to see how well we “clean up” for a nice social event.

In a nutshell, we’re very proud of the organized, smoothly run and focus on safety at POC managed events, our reputation for producing top-notch drivers, both at the club and professional level, and primarily, the overall enhancement of the experience of owning a Porsche.