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Velocity – 2016 – Edition 61-1

June 2, 2016


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Velocity – 2013 – Edition 58-3

December 23, 2013


Velocity Vol 58-3As the year comes to a close, I want to take a moment to reflect on our club. We are incredibly lucky to be able to participate in one of the world’s most exciting sports with such passionate, like-minded individuals, who for nearly three generations have dedicated their time and energy to keep this club focused on one thing—driving fast on race tracks, as safely as possible.

It’s a good time to consider the tremendous efforts made by our current Board of Directors to maintain the club’s forward momentum and financial solvency. So, a huge round of applause for Leonard Schenkel, John Gordon, Carolyn Pappas, Dave Elliott, our past president Mike Takaki, and especially our indefatigable current president Andrew Weyman.

Andrew was Production Manager of Velocity for three years, including my first year as Editor. He supported me through some challenging times, and I still look to him for his calm and reasoned opinions before each issue goes to press.

Another thanks goes out to Cathy Robson, our under-rewarded chief photographer, without whose efforts this would be a slim magazine indeed. Thanks also to Dave Bruder, who took over Production Manager duties this year when Andrew became President.

I especially want to express gratitude to club administrator Laurie Taylor, our one and only full-time employee, who has been an endlessly patient source of information for me, day and night. As each issue gets close to deadline, she may cringe as she awaits my barrage of fact-checks, but she always gets back to me right away with answers.

Thanks to our outgoing Art Director Kevin Favell, who completely overhauled the look of Velocity over the last six issues. And welcome to our new Art Director, long-time POC member Don Matz, who brings a career’s worth of design experience to the magazine.

Finally, lavish thanks to our writers and photographers this year for keeping the magazine vibrant. And to those of you who bailed, we’ll save space for you in 2014.

In many ways, racing is a cruel master (or mistress, depending on your point of view). It’s costly, of course, even for those with older Porsches—and that’s when everything is working. When things go starkly wrong—and they do in a hurry—the pocketbook takes a big hit. You don’t have Mommy or Daddy there to pick you up, kiss the scrape, and fix your bicycle. In fact, racing kind of has a pitiless aura, where hard luck is met with hard stares.

But I can tell you from recent experience that we have a lot of compassionate people in this club. They won’t buy you a new car, but they will help stanch the psychic bleeding. After I hit a tire wall at Miller in September, Mark and Laura Hergesheimer were right there to make sure I was OK and help me get the car on the trailer. During the lonely nighttime drive home across the vast deserts, with an eternity to relive my mistake and beat myself up, I got calls of commiseration from Laurie, Mike, and Andrew (who wasn’t even there). Afterwards, emails came from other members: Carolyn, Rich, Kip, and Renan. And I knew they all felt my pain. That’s the kind club I want to be in.

Velocity – 2013 – Edition 58-2

September 24, 2013


Porsche Owners Club - Velocity Magazine Cover Vol-58-2Part of the challenge, and I guess the fun, of being the editor of Velocity is dealing with the unpredictability of submissions. I’ve learned to live with the reality that I can’t always control what’s going to appear in an issue. Why not? It comes down to the fact that most of our members have priorities in life that are more pressing than responding to clarion calls for contributors.

Yes, we pay honoraria in the form of Porsche bucks—and we are upping the amounts to entice more of you—but the editor is powerless to assign writers to specific events. Some events just aren’t going to be covered because there is no volunteer to write about them. This year so far, PDS has taken the hit.

But I’ve found that things have a way of balancing out, and we somehow wind up each time with a magazine bulging at the covers with diverse articles.

Serendipity plays a role—we occasionally get entertaining material out of the blue. A case in point is the unexpected tale gushed forth by Richard Huber, who seems to have conflated his first PDS weekend with his last LSD experience.

Another example is Eric Oviatt’s discourse on the transformation of his Boxster into the fastest thing ever seen in GT3 class. I had simply asked him to give me a quote or two about why his car has become so dominant. He came back with a complete story of the build.

When in doubt, go to the well. As Porsche racers tend to be highly individualistic, naturally the POC has many ink-worthy members. Choosing to write a piece on singular Porsche collector Magnus Walker was a no-brainer. If you haven’t heard of Magnus by now, reading his success story will slacken your jaw—and could even inspire you.

For those of you focused on race coverage (you do read these articles, don’t you?), we wound up with solid reportage of three Cup Race/TT weekends. Velocity stalwart Paul Young rowdily recounts the club’s first foray to Chuckwalla. Rich Yochum and I (with help from Young, Craig Ames, and Drake Kemper) chronicle the “collaborative” experiment with PCA at California Festival of Speed. And first-time contributor Mark Bray details the cold season opener at Willow Springs back in February.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do a little fretting about coming up with the material for this edition, but I think now we’ve got a nice brew for your delectation.