Sponsor – Elephant Racing

Sponsor - Elephant Racing

Elephant Racing


Technology meets asphalt –

Elephant Racing is a rapidly growing technology company focused on development of performance automotive suspension products.   Ours is the science of managing four small contact patches meeting asphalt.

Fittingly located in the heart of northern California’s Silicon Valley, we are a tech company equally comfortable talking frequency-domain analysis, data downloads, roll centers, lap times and tire widths.

We perform research and development in-house and employ sophisticated engineering and tools to deliver products that provide advanced suspension performance.

We hold patent in the category of suspension bushing design and are pursuing further patents in damper and semi-active suspension control technology.

Our 10,000 sqft R&D facility is located in Santa Clara, California USA.   It is fully equipped with sophisticated 3D CAD, testing, simulation and modeling tools, complete auto shop, and machine tools for development and prototyping.